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The Tamsen Donner Band previously had a static website and wanted to overhaul the site design and a significant amount of the content. Switching to Wordpress as a content management system now allows band members to access the site administration area to add gigs; add venues to the list of venues the band has played; and add, caption, and reorder photos in the photo gallery. The new site pulls in youtube videos and streaming audio players from cdbaby.com. The website development process also provided motivation for Tamsen Donner Band to create and update their presence on facebook, youtube, soundcloud, and cdbaby.

Additional Details:

The Tamsen Donner Band site uses custom post types for Gigs and Venues, and includes a custom photo gallery plugin that provides a thumbnail view with captions on hover as well as both desktop and mobile lightbox viewers. The thumbnail view makes use of Masonry and the lightboxes used are Fancybox and Swipebox.

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